Why Can I Not Let Go?
hands letting go

Letting go of fears and resentment often feels like an impossible task. We often “hold on” because we see no other way. We tell ourselves that we must because in many ways it has become who we are – what we think is our way to survive. The “what if” questions wander in our brain and we seem to not quite know how to grasp the possibility of release, and in doing this - we convince ourselves that it is unattainable. The following exercise helps us see the struggle we are having with more clarity by using a step-by-step method. It helps us recognize that the reasons we hold on so tightly might just be the furthest thing from our minds. Ask yourself the following questions… by doing so you are choosing to see yourself in a different light.

If you did not have all these things on your mind… if they were not part of your daily thoughts… how would this affect you?

  • What would it change in your life?
  • What would you do with the lack of it?
  • Would you feel the need to replace it?
  • Would you feel lost? Not yourself?
  • Would something be missing?

Positive and negative aspects

Write out all the positive aspects of this issue or these feelings if they were gone.

Write all the negative aspects of this issue or these feelings if they were gone.

Are you committed to feeling bad, and if so why?

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