Meditation and Mindfulness


Mindfulness is simply the practice of awareness.  The goal is to achieve a state of alertness in a relaxed state where you become aware of your thoughts and sensations without judgement.  This allows the mind to refocus on the present moment while allowing what no longer serves you to drift away.  When you become aware of the ebb and flow of your breath and how this connects to your body, you begin to experience the calmness that your body and mind crave… the gap - the silent space between thoughts.  Building this relationship between your body and mind allows you to trust yourself to let go.  Our days are made up of moments and by including the daily practice of mindfulness, we begin to build to grow our moments into a life of better understanding and kindness to ourselves and those around us… truly a freedom each of us has a right to possess.  In the session, I will teach you these practices which you can take into your daily lives with ease.
Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Breathing techniques
  • Body awareness
  • Engaging your five senses
  • Mindful walking
  • Letting go exercises in a state of relaxation
  • Meditation

With these tools you can…

  • reduced depression & anxiety
  • improved memory & mental processing
  • improved abilities to adapt to stress
  • enhanced meaningful relationships
  • ruminating (repeating) the same problems
  • managing & marshalling your emotions


The practiced art of meditation is the ability to find calm in your chaos.  It allows you the ability to shift your focus from distraction to focus on your inner peace and is the key to a revitalized life vibrant with energy.  It is important to recognize that mediation is not emptying your mind – it is about understanding how much attention to give our thoughts.  Meditation allows you to find the 'quiet' in your life, and once you give yourself permission, each step will be a cherished process of unfolding a welcome mat to your countless mindful destinations.  Meditative techniques such as good posture, focusing your breathing and observing manageable time limits allow us to reflect on the peace we crave and increases our ability to see and feel.  This peace is real, genuine, and sincere and each of us can access this portal of self-discovery daily – even moment to moment.  Mindfulness and Meditation are equal, non-confrontational life-long partners and can be counted on whenever you need to acknowledge yourself and the peace you deserve.

Learning to ground and center yourself each day can help bring clarity and peace to our lives. We all possess this skill… all it takes is practice.