Is Anxiety Affecting Your Life?

Anxious woman

Anxiety… what is it, and how do we create ways to ease its pain? Anxiety is a normal reaction to fear, nervousness, apprehension and worrying. It is our body’s fight or flight reaction to the feeling of these fears. However, if we let anxiety become part of us it will affect how we feel and … Read more

Why Can I Not Let Go?

hands letting go

Letting go of fears and resentment often feels like an impossible task. We often “hold on” because we see no other way. We tell ourselves that we must because in many ways it has become who we are – what we think is our way to survive. The “what if” questions wander in our brain … Read more

The Rocks We Carry


Every one of us has a backpack we carry. This backpack is with us wherever we go; whichever road we choose. How far we move down our road depends on the weight of our backpack. In this backpack are rocks. These rocks are formed and carried as words. Words have weight. We have the choice … Read more

You Did Meditate!


Do you ever find yourself lost in thought staring vacantly into space and wonder, “Where did I just go?” Kids, schedules, deadlines, commitments, “me-time” (Oh – if I just had some me-time)… Where is your mind trying to escape to? Congratulations! – You are crossing the threshold of consciousness to unconscious thought! You are already … Read more